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The focus of these workshops is to bring art and music into the classroom teacher’s day and to emphasize the role of the arts as a vital resource for academic learning.

In May 2007 Ms. Salzman also led a seminar for teachers, “Early Literacy through Song-based Books.” She believes that singing songs focuses the whole child on joyful learning.

 This workshop for Music, Head Start, Pre School, and Primary Teachers demonstrated that books based on folk songs are the perfect tool to teach early literacy skills.

Participants learned how to teach pre-reading skills, colors, shapes, numbers, and counting skills using Big Books and music for little kids.

Another highlight of the Visiting Artist Series this year was provided by Paul Hallsted, a popular  and widely respected music teacher trained in the Orff Schulwerk method.

Mr. Hallsted led two workshops in June 2007.

The first workshop was an introduction to Orff musical methods for teachers and other interested adults, incorporating an active learning experience that had the participants singing, dancing and playing instruments.

Paul Hallsted’s second workshop was a lively introduction for children to the process of learning through Orff. The kids were engaged in music by singing, playing musical instruments, and dance. They learned to play rhythm sticks, and received an introduction to playing the

metallophone and glockenspiel.

Our goal is to provide continuing support for the public school teachers in our area, by supplying them with increased knowledge about the valuable role the arts can play in reading programs, as well as specific methodology for implementing arts-based projects in school. We give them the tools they need to return to the classroom with renewed enthusiasm and confidence in their ability to foster the arts.

The Art and Literacy Encounter is funded through the generous support of the New Mexico Community Foundation and the Learning Disabilities Foundation of America. Additional art and literacy programming for teens has been provided through a partnership with the DWI Prevention Council.

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