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Andrea Reed, a ballroom dance instructor and owner of the Ruidoso Dance Gallery, is back this year to teach dance and movement for all ages.


A very important part of our program is the Visiting Artist series, which brings visual artists, dance instructors, and musicians into the classroom to share their talents and love of the arts with the kids.

Our many Visiting Artists are the HEART of our program!

Gary Henry, a member of the Noon Lions Club and one of New Mexico Alliance's Board members, has contributed to the program as a Visiting Artist, gardener, and creator of musical instruments for the kids.

Recently, Gary made over 100 amazing hand-turned wooden rhythm instruments, which he has donated to Eating SmART. Some of the drums are two to three feet tall, and all of them are incredibly beautiful!

We are partnering with the Southwestern Arts Alliance (SAA) to provide weekly instruction in jazz and playing rhythm instruments during the spring and summer. Michael Francis, Director of SAA, will also teach the history of jazz to the teen clubs this summer. Cecilia Francis is teaching Zumba Kids, a Latin-based dance and exercise program.

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