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Art/Literacy Enrichment Series

IT TAKES A VILLAGE   The Art & Literacy Encounter is a

hands-on, multi-sensory approach to learning that offers a wide

spectrum of reading enrichment experiences for children and their families in Central New Mexico. It is a full-service family literacy project that seeks to actively involve parents and family members, teachers, community organizations, area artists, and volunteers in a learning process that is both joyful and productive.

The initiative provides creative workshops, tutorials, and a

continuing, evidence-based after-school literacy enrichment

program. In addition, we provide after-school enrichment sessions for children with special needs.

Through the Art & Literacy Encounter, NMAC is also able to supply teacher training in the arts and parent-child interactive workshops that foster literacy skills and heighten community awareness about the value of the arts in education.

The Art & Literacy Encounter employs an integrative approach to literacy, incorporating art, music and movement as tools for helping children become life-long learners and readers.

This program produces solid, measurable results in the arenas of strengthening academic performance, as well as improving peer and parent/child social interactions.


Our youth workshops assist children in building better language, reading and reading-related skills, and in developing self-expression through the arts.

Each session includes stories, music, art, and

movement activities. Dancing, singing, and

playing musical instruments are an integral part of each workshop.


Our parent and family workshops foster better

literacy skills, and help parents motivate their

children to learn, to develop positive forms of self-

expression, and to become more confident readers.

We have sponsored workshops in partnership with the Ruidoso Public Library, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Carrizozo Public Schools, the DWI Prevention Council, the Dance Gallery, and Eastern New MexicoUniversity/Ruidoso Branch.

The parent/child workshops help parents better understand their children’s academic and social needs. They supply strategies for developing a more effective support system at home and at school.

Some of the topics for Parent Workshops are Reading Aloud to Your Child, Brain Builders for Kids, Interactive Musical Activities for Parent and Child, and Sharing Art Together: Interactive Activities.



The program offers many opportunities for multi-generational activities. Children are able to learn and explore in a safe, supportive environment with adults they trust.

Illiteracy tends to be an intergenerational issue, and NMAC strives to develop literacy programs that support the entire family.

In 2007, NMAC has sponsored more than thirty-five workshops for children, parents, and teachers, including workshops in music, art, literature, the performing arts, writing, and dance. Families enjoyed workshops in early childhood education, acrylic, tempera, and pastel painting, Mexican metal tooling, drumming, origami, ballroom dancing, collage, jewelry making, journaling, drawing on the right side of the brain, paper making, and much more.


Through the Art and Literacy Encounter, NMAC also sponsors workshops given by distinguished visiting artists and educators. In May 2007, Visiting Artist Wilma Salzman, the “Big Book Lady” and author of more than thirty music-based big books, led an early childhood workshop.

Songs + Puppets + BIG BOOKS = Fun!

This workshop for children ages 2 through 7 was based on the concept that basic reading skills are fun and easy when learned through music. Children were introduced to several Big Book titles through folk songs. They sang the song, played the game, dramatized with puppets, then read the BIG BOOK. Teachers and parents were invited to observe.


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